Don’t forget about your health when designing your kitchen

Your kitchen has to be the healthiest interior of your entire house, that one is certainly true. After all, who would like to keep toxic chemicals where he cooks, right?

While it seems obvious, plenty of people neglect it and use whatever comes to their minds when picking the materials for their countertops. This never ceases to amaze me – how can you expect to live a healthy life, when you’re cooking near something that’s basically toxic waste?

eclectic kitchen

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Things To Do In London

My Top 10 Things To Do In London:

1. Westminster
2. Fitrovia & Bloomsbury
3. Mayfair / St James’s / Piccadilly
4. City of London
5. City Borders
6. East London
7. South London (including South Bank)
8. Greenwich
9. West London (including Kensington & Chelsea)
10. North London (including King’s Cross)

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